Monday, December 6, 2010

iOS + Android: Makes Sense to Me (for now)

A few weeks ago, I decided to replace my Blackberry Curve with an HTC Desire running Android 2.2 (Froyo). A few weeks after that, the geek-who-must-not-be-named gave me an offer on a previous generation iPod Touch which I can't refuse.
Before I got my grubby little hands on the iPod Touch, I was content with using the HTC Desire as a temporary replacement to both my Blackberry and iPad. I was quite happy with it though I really miss my iPad's vast screen real estate. Screen size aside, the Desire was quite a capable gadget. Together with an unlimited internet plan and a host of apps, I was quite happy with it. I was able to do a lot of things I often did with my iPad but something was definitely missing and I can't seem to put my finger on it.
Then the iPod Touch came. It obviously needs Wifi in order to be more useful to me and that's where the Desire's Froyo came in: its built-in Wifi hotspot function has virtually gave me an iPad replacement. Using the iPod Touch + Desire combo, I was able to be online whenever I need to. The iPod Touch's superior browser (Safari) is more useful (at least for me) than what was in the Desire and I was back to playing my social games (We Rule, We Farm, We City, etc.). Little apps like PingChat, Notesy, Read it Later and DropBox makes this an outstanding (and temporary) little iPad replacement.

The iPod Touch is no iPad but for now, it has been providing me with the functionality + fun factor in such a way that I no longer miss my iPad as much -- that is until the iPad becomes locally available in a few day's time -- according to rumors Dec. 16, 2010.

But until that time comes, these two gadgets are a contant companion providing me with the functionality and fun factor I used to get with my lost iPad.

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