Friday, November 19, 2010

About this blog

From Talkin' Tech, I decided to re-re-re-invent (that's re-invention three times over) myself. Back when I was active in my other blog, I was a big Apple fan but as the years went by, things has changed so much that I stopped being locked in to any specific technology. I still love Apple but since I work in a predominantly Windows-based workplace, I can't simply ignore Microsoft Technology.

At present, I have Apple products (iOS devices and an on-going experiment to run OSX on a netbook), a Linux netbook, a Windows 7 laptop, and an Android phone. If that's not "platform agnostic" enough, my day job involves working with Windows Servers, Linux, IBM Websphere, TANDEM and to some extent, IBM z/OS.

I will mostly write about personal review of gadgets I encounter, applications for the various platforms I use, technology that catches my eyes, and the occasional information security alerts, Information Security being close to my heart because it currently brings food to my table.

As always, I hope I find enough time to keep this blog alive with personal insights on the various technologies I work with.

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